We are committed to providing clients with the information needed to make an informed decision regarding higher education.  Along with this, we give each client the tools needed to reach their goals with the least amount of student loan debt possible.
Free initial consultation
Personalized plan for each client
Full support each step of the way
Repayment counseling

Student Services Offered

A Step By Step Guide To Your Financial Assistance

Initial Meeting- this can be face to face or by phone. This meeting will determine the type of service the potential clients are looking for. We can identify the need, determine the services and create a personalized plan for the client.


Once we have determined the personalized plan for the client we will guide them through the steps that need to be completed in order to apply to college, determine a program of study, and apply for Title IV funding as well as private loans, grants and any scholarships the client may be eligible for.


Once the need is determined we are able to start the process of applying for financial aid. The client will need to create a FSA ID (this is used to sign the FAFSA and should not be shared with anyone) once the FSA ID is verified we can then start the FAFSA. The process of completing the FAFSA should not take any longer than 1 hour.


Once the FAFSA is processed the client and the college will get a copy. Once we are able to review the copy we can determine how much (if any) PELL grant the student is able to receive as well as types of loans (sub/unsub) the client can use. The goal is to use the least amount of loans as possible. If the client has been selected for verification, we will walk the client through the needed steps which will include guiding them in regards to presenting the correct paperwork that has been requested by the school and/or DOE.


Once the above step is complete or if the above step is not needed, we will move onto determining scholarships that are available for the client based on the web search that was completed in the initial meeting (the client would have entered their info)


We will also offer current and past college students counseling on the repayment of student loans as well as educate them on the programs that are available to help decrease their payments and/ or help eliminate student loan debt. During this process we will work with the student to ensure they do not default on their student loans, and give the results of what could happen if they do default, as well as what can be done to help them get out of default.

Getting Started With FAACTS

Free Consultation, Partner With FAACTS & Additional Resources


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10% of the Proceeds will be going to the FAACTS Foundaton to create Scholarship Opportunities
**This entire process may take between 2-15 hours to complete, (based on past experience).


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